We are a non-profit organisation devoted to better life in this planet. We believe that education is the way and transparency is a must.

See our contribution to education at RecyCOOL Academy, a platform dedicated to fashion, education and making own clothes.

Our projects:

RecyCOOL Imperfections

Project RecyCOOL! Let’s Stitch Up The Imperfections is devoted to education of young people about current fashion industry and its impact on environment and social areas. The project creates an online educational course and its outputs are educational methodologies and curriculums on these topics, created by experts in Slovakia, Czech Republic and UK.

RecyCOOL Lessons

Project Too RecyCOOL for School (Lessons) connects topics of the fashion industry and sustainability with distance learning forms of non-formal education as a response to demands of today’s world.

50 text and video lessons for young people 15+.

RecyCOOL EduGames

RecyCOOL EduGames aims to develop a set of edu games used in non-formal education activities of participating organisations within RecyCOOL Academy, with a focus on the fashion industry and its impact on our world.