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Game of Clothes

Playing to Educate and Change the Fashion Industry

In a world where the fashion industry’s environmental impact is increasingly concerning, education and awareness have never been more crucial. Our organization is proud to have participated as a project partner in Games of Clothes (also known as RecyCOOL EduGames). This innovative project aims to create a set of educational games designed for non-formal education activities within the RecyCOOL Academy, with a primary focus on the fashion industry and its global impact. The objective is clear: to raise awareness among two key target groups – educators and young people – and disseminate the project’s outcomes through RecyCOOL workshops and various activities. Ultimately, these games will empower educators and enrich the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of young people.

The Power of Games in Education

Education doesn’t always have to be traditional and serious. Sometimes, the best way to convey essential information is through engaging and entertaining means. That’s where educational games come into play, and Game of Clothes is leading the charge in this domain. By harnessing the power of play, the project aims to make learning about the fashion industry’s environmental impact not only educational but also enjoyable.

The RecyCOOL EduGames project comprises three distinct games, each designed to target different aspects of the fashion industry and its impact on the world.

1. Memory Game: Test Your Fashion IQ

Do you think you know everything about fashion and its environmental footprint? Put your memory to the test and discover the secrets of the fashion industry in this engaging Memory Game. Match up fashion concepts with environmental facts, all while having a blast. Sharpen your memory, learn, and become an advocate for a greener world.

2. Role Play Game: Become a Child in the Fashion Industry

Ever wondered what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a child working in the fashion industry around the world? This Role Play Game lets you do just that. Step into the lives of these young insiders, experience their daily challenges, and gain a deeper understanding of the industry’s impact on their lives. This immersive experience will broaden your perspective and inspire change.

3. Statement Game: Speak Up for Change

Craft persuasive arguments, express your views on fashion’s impact, and advocate for a better, greener world through the choices you make in the Statement Game. This game empowers you to voice your concerns and ideas, encouraging you to be a proactive advocate for change within the fashion industry. Your choices matter, and this game will show you how.

Empowering Educators and Young Minds

One of the project’s key goals is to empower educators with these educational games. Educators play a pivotal role in shaping young minds, and by equipping them with engaging tools like Game of Clothes, we enable them to educate effectively in critical topics like the fashion industry’s environmental impact. These games are adaptable, allowing educators to tailor them to their specific target groups, making learning not only informative but also fun.

For young people, these games offer an opportunity to develop crucial competencies, including knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for addressing the challenges posed by the fashion industry. By playing these games, they gain insights into the industry’s complexities and its environmental consequences, motivating them to make informed choices and drive positive change.

Join Us in the RecyCOOL Movement

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, it’s essential that we, as a global community, understand its environmental impact and take steps to mitigate it. Game of Clothes is a small but significant step in that direction, and we invite educators, young people, and anyone interested in fashion and sustainability to join us in this movement.

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